The Beep Test

In PE this week we started the fitness unit. We did a number of tests such as the beep test.The beep test is when year 3-6 have to run 20m in a limited amount of time and there is a beep and if you do not get to the other side in time then you’re out. Sophie H got the top score in Year 4 as 8.1 and Ashley got the second top score as 8.0. Lily E got the third top score as 7.5 they ran really well! Of course everyone else was really good and tried there best.

There were some other tests such as aiming accuracy, sit up challenge sprinting and touch-your-toes. For the aiming accuracy there were some red dots about a size of a dinner plate. We had to throw a soft cricket ball at it and see how many times we could hit it. The sit up challenge was when we had to do as many sit ups as we could in 30 seconds.

The sprinting challenge was when we had to sprint as fast as we could. Most people got around 6.40 seconds.

The touch-your-toes challenge is when we had to put our toes on a box. The box had a sort of ruler attached to it and we had to reach as far as we could.

Gemma, Sophie H and Sophie R