Free writing paragraphs

Today in English we have been exploring descriptive paragraphs. We took a look at a picture and had to describe what the house in the photo looked like, to show us what kind of words to us were told to manly use nouns, verbs, adjectives and proper nouns. I have this to take advantage and used words like oasis and enchanted. I have also called the character in the photo Tiff because it means Manifestation of God because the picture clearly shows that the house/mansion was well built also because that God was very mystical.

The paragraphs were meant to show us how the picture was different. The picture was welcoming and it felt warm inside, inviting the reason we made it descriptive so we could make it that the person could fell like there in the picture. Also the person teaching us this was Miss C and I really like Miss C as a teacher so this made it extra fun.
By Caitlin


The Most Magical Mansion
I ran and I ran, slowly getting tired and in till I reached a mystic mansion. The towering trees suddenly stopped and something Hadn’t seen in a while, light shined like a new time of life; magically flowing through the sun was finding its way to the bottom of the forest. I walked into the luscious green fresh grass as if it was as well looked after by a human him or herself. The warm breeze flows through my fingers, I could not believe that the tall towering trees which seemed like a 5 story house had come to an end.
By Ursula

The Magical Mystical Mansion
One day a young lady wondered through a beautiful forest and she was very very observant on what was in the forest. The young lady’s name was Lucy. Lucy spotted a huge mansion in that lovely forest. The mansion smelt like the smell of rich chocolate. As Lucy felt quite happy that she she found a Magical Mystical Mansion.
By Mia  

As the pretty little girl stumbled to find herself standing between a small gap of the towering trees she always was amazed when she came to her grandma’s house. The flowers always sang to the house while the light danced around her garden. It was always calling to her, she could smell the freshly baked cookies from the kitchen, her excitement always overwhelmed her every time. The house always made her feel small, the luscious grass flowed against her feet she felt calm to know she was at her grandma’s forest. The hidden house was her favourite place to go, she heard her grandma start to call her name she knew it was time to go in.
By Ilaria

One day a little girl named Rose with strawberry blond hair was playing in the forest. She was not allowed to deep into it but she disobeyed. She got lost so she decided to head back. But she couldn’t. For some reason in front of her she heard a loud noise. Suddenly gigantic trees shot up from the ground in front of her! She was terrified! She turned around and to her amazement she saw the biggest most beautiful house she ever saw! There where bright red roofs and lovely green hedges at every window! Some off the window where lit! She was relieved! “Maybe they will let me stay the night.” Rose said to herself. She walked up to the door and knocked.
By Lola

“Crack!” the leaves under Emily’s feet squealed as she cautiously walked along the dusty path, that looked like it hadn’t been walked on for centuries. She shrieked as a mouse suddenly started scampering along beside her. Emily pushed back the leaves that towered out from the tree in front of her. She gasped in shock of what she saw. There, right in front of her eyes was the most magical, enchanting mansion  anyone would ever see!! Emily tried to continue walking, but her legs were frozen to the ground in shock. She slowly crept across the soft, mossy forest floor, still gaping in shock. As she walked along, for what she saw was beyond impossible, were FLOWERS…. GLOWING!!!!

In the moonlight it was hard not to notice the large glow of the incredible sight. Emily wrote down the exact appearance of the flowers. She listed in her notebook she decided to bring along in case something like this happened,

  • Long
  • Glowing
  • Pink
  • NO, orange!
  • Purple
  • Rainbow!!

She gasped in shock at what she wrote it changed COLOUR!!

Things could become a little interesting……..
By Maddie

Mystical Mansion
Maddison was running though the roses in the fields she was playing infected with her friend Charlotte and Jessica and  Charlotte was in. Maddison ran into the forest, she stopped in awe, there was a mystical house the house was rather large but the house looked abandoned. The trees were towering over her it made her feel small, but the flowers at the bottom made her feel brave. She walked over to the house cautiously, it was colourful and gorgeous. She knocked on the door a young woman came to the door she said, Hello! My name is Alison would you like to come into my house for a slice of cake? OK said Maddison, as long as you don’t eat me. Of course I will not eat you promise! said Alison. Maddison came in the chocolate cake was breathtaking but Maddison had to go home it was almost dark. Bye Alison I will come again. OK. Maddison walked away.

Next time I will fatten you up and eat you!! Mwwwww Haaaaaaa Haaaaaa Ha.
By Isabella 

The poor and sad orphan girl ran away from her miserable orphanage and went through the super terrifying forest and when she was about to give up and go back to the bad orphanage, she discovered a beautiful, colourful and ginormous house which looked like a castle!
By Joanne



In Creative Arts we created a piece of work that a particular religion believed in. We had to do some hard steps to complete this remarkable piece of work. We used copper and black ink to make this artwork complete. We first had to draw what we wanted the Aztec sun to look like. Then we had to draw the same thing on a piece of tracing paper then pressed it down hard on the copper and it showed on the other side. We rubbed in the black ink lightly or heavily we could chose to make the copper look ancient and old.

Photos coming soon.

By Ursula and Isabella