Cyclone fundraiser


On Thursday the Junior School had a fundraiser for cyclone Debbie. As you might of heard, cyclone Debbie damaged Queensland and New Zealand, and lots of families lost everything. Such as their houses, clothes and money. So the social action reps decided to raise money for all the families that lost their homes.They made this money by selling cyclone ice blocks to the Junior school. Altogether they raised a total of $300 which will go straight to the people that need it.

Healthy Harold

In Healthy Harold we learnt about drugs and if they are good for you or not. We learned about the drugs in cigarettes and how you can get addicted to them and how it‘s very hard to stop smoking because of the nicotine. Libby split use into groups and we had to complete a puzzle in a certain amount of  time. Year 4 also played a fun game when there was a brain and angel, the angel would say ow and we were all veins and we had to send a message to the brain.

I think we can all say we had such a fun time and learnt so much about how not to take drugs.

Chelsea and Grace