Peer Support


In term 2, the year 6 leaders have been helping other girls. Girls in k-6 come together and enhance their learning and friendship skills in peer support.

Creativity is one of the most important highlights of peer support. We complete many fun activities that link to this topic. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to communicate with our peers.

One of the things we created was a hover-ball puffer which was an exciting and enjoyable project each of us made.

Peer Support was a pleasure to SOAR as creative Rosie girls!

by Eleanor and Eva

Today in peer support we created a scientific push using force, we did this with air. These are the steps our groups did. First we decorated a plane oval shape of paper. Second cut to the middle of the oval. Third swirl the paper into a hat shape. Fourth sticky tape the the hat shape. Fifth get a straw and sticky tape it to the hat. Sixth scrunch up some tin foil. Last put the ball in the hat and blow. It should go up and out of the circle.

By Chelsea and Holly

Convict Experience in Year 4

During Term 2 Year 4 are learning about where we are in place and time. We learned about the convict times and how life was back then.

We each received an identification card and the majority of us were convicts. Did you know how to most people money was very scarce? All the convicts in Year 4 were treated unfairly, just like the life back then. The others, unlike the convicts had a wonderful opportunity to create cartoons on the computer – how lucky!

We noticed how most convicts had done small crimes and had serious consequences. Our convicts were even asked to clean up the playground and lockers!

This was a great ( and torturing ) experience to Year 4 to learn about convict times.

Eva and Eleanor