Healthy Harold

In Healthy Harold we learnt about drugs and if they are good for you or not. We learned about the drugs in cigarettes and how you can get addicted to them and how it‘s very hard to stop smoking because of the nicotine. Libby split use into groups and we had to complete a puzzle in a certain amount of  time. Year 4 also played a fun game when there was a brain and angel, the angel would say ow and we were all veins and we had to send a message to the brain.

I think we can all say we had such a fun time and learnt so much about how not to take drugs.

Chelsea and Grace


In Creative Arts we created a piece of work that a particular religion believed in. We had to do some hard steps to complete this remarkable piece of work. We used copper and black ink to make this artwork complete. We first had to draw what we wanted the Aztec sun to look like. Then we had to draw the same thing on a piece of tracing paper then pressed it down hard on the copper and it showed on the other side. We rubbed in the black ink lightly or heavily we could chose to make the copper look ancient and old.

Photos coming soon.

By Ursula and Isabella

Studio Concert

This year on the 4th of May there was a studio concert. This was held for years 4, 5, 6 and some middle to senior school girls. They were singing many different songs. Year 4 and 5 sang songs from Oliver the Musical. The songs the girls sang included, Food Glorious Food, Where Is Love, Pick A Pocket, I’d Do Anything, Who Will Buy and Ompapa.

We all had lots of fun. Finally our hard work had paid off with a thunderous applause and some even shouting at us as our fabulous singing was rewarded. I loved being part of such a great event.

By Ilaria



Our School Magazine

This year in the Junior School two clever girls in Year 5 and 6 have decided to make a Junior School magazine which girls from all years can contribute to. They have called it ‘A pocket full of Rosies’.  Everyone in Year 6 gets a job of running a segment of the magazine. One of the segments in the magazine is Art, this is where you’d send a picture of your artwork to one of the year six leaders, running the art part of the magazine. We can’t wait to contribute to this new magazine.

Isabelle and Freya


Convict Experience in Year 4

During Term 2 Year 4 are learning about where we are in place and time. We learned about the convict times and how life was back then.

We each received an identification card and the majority of us were convicts. Did you know how to most people money was very scarce? All the convicts in Year 4 were treated unfairly, just like the life back then. The others, unlike the convicts had a wonderful opportunity to create cartoons on the computer – how lucky!

We noticed how most convicts had done small crimes and had serious consequences. Our convicts were even asked to clean up the playground and lockers!

This was a great ( and torturing ) experience to Year 4 to learn about convict times.

Eva and Eleanor


The Beep Test

In PE this week we started the fitness unit. We did a number of tests such as the beep test.The beep test is when year 3-6 have to run 20m in a limited amount of time and there is a beep and if you do not get to the other side in time then you’re out. Sophie H got the top score in Year 4 as 8.1 and Ashley got the second top score as 8.0. Lily E got the third top score as 7.5 they ran really well! Of course everyone else was really good and tried there best.

There were some other tests such as aiming accuracy, sit up challenge sprinting and touch-your-toes. For the aiming accuracy there were some red dots about a size of a dinner plate. We had to throw a soft cricket ball at it and see how many times we could hit it. The sit up challenge was when we had to do as many sit ups as we could in 30 seconds.

The sprinting challenge was when we had to sprint as fast as we could. Most people got around 6.40 seconds.

The touch-your-toes challenge is when we had to put our toes on a box. The box had a sort of ruler attached to it and we had to reach as far as we could.

Gemma, Sophie H and Sophie R

Different Cultures have Different Ways of Living

In our current Unit of Inquiry we are looking at different Asian cultures. The girls did not know what our new unit would be about. To arouse their interest and begin the process of asking questions, they were shown six objects that were covered up. On a large sheet they were asked to think about what the object might be and what it might be used for. Then they wrote down questions they wondered about the object. Once the covers were taken away, they were able to see clearly what the objects were and make connections to see if they could work out what the topic was going to be for our studies. We had some fantastic questions and the girls are enthusiastic about learning more of the country they have chosen.