Mastering Mass

Year 4 have been having fun measuring many different items in grams and kilograms.

Year 4 Camp at Galston Gorge

This year, Years 3 and 4 went to Galston Gorge for camp. Year 4 did rock climbing, low ropes, bush survival and BMX. Our favourite activity was BMX because you were able to go over hills and sharp turns. We enjoyed the food and loved sleeping in comfy cabins. The Galston Gorge camp relied on teamwork and friendship. It was an exciting opportunity to be able to go on camp. 

Ashley and Jessica


Year 4 at Galston Gorge on PhotoPeach

The Little Mermaid

Year 4 took part in the school musical called ‘The Little Mermaid’. We learned a song in French called ‘Les Poissons’. We enjoyed dancing and singing and performing for the audience. There was a great deal of practising but all the performances were hugely successful.


Hyde Park Barrack and Sydney Tower

Both Year 4 classes took a trip to the city to learn more about the colonisation of Sydney. At the Hyde Park Barracks we saw how difficult life was for the male prisoners. We learned how to make bricks and how to stack them in a brick wall. There were many interesting artefacts to see in the museum. After eating lunch in Hyde Park we went to Sydney Tower. The view from the top was amazing and we could see where the first fleet had landed and how Sydney had changed so much. We had a great time.

Year 4 Invasion

On Monday morning while we working the doors suddenly flew open and in streamed students from Year 6 who obviously decided that their classroom was not where they wanted to be. They moved us from our desks, took over our lockers, used our equipment and were particularly rowdy. Our reactions were extreme annoyance, anger, disbelief and astonishment. They finally left and we had to put back the pieces. We discussed our reactions in detail and shared our feelings. We started think about the way the Aboriginals must have felt when they were invaded by the British. IMG_1709 IMG_1724 IMG_1718 IMG_1712

Endangered Animals

Today we had a visit from a veterinarian named Karrie who works at Taronga Zoo. She spoke to us about the way she helped discover the reasons that some species of animals were becoming extinct. There are many different changes  in the environment that are causing the problems. She also is looking at ways to help animals that are in risk of becoming extinct by looking after them in the zoo and helping them to breed. One area she is particularly interested in is Christmas Island. Many of the small lizards have disappeared due to the introduction of non native animals. We had plenty of questions to ask and are interested to inquire more about the reasons that some animals are becoming[2]

Science Show

Year 3 and Year 4 became detectives at our Science Show. We had a murder mystery to investigate. We looked at the evidence and followed the clues. We checked the suspect’s DNA, then found some coins which we rubbed to discover the way the coin appeared. Other clues included using knowledge about the victim’s initials and year of birth. One of the exciting parts was making a set of our fingerprints. At the end, we used our information to solve the mystery. It was such fun to feel like a real detective.

photo[3] photo[2] photo 1photo[1]

Learning about Perimeter

We had some fun making a picture of a person or a robot with tiles. Then we drew the picture on to grid paper. Finally we worked out the perimeter, that means the distance around the outside. Some of us made designs that were very tricky to work out.

The Easter Experience

IMG_1656 IMG_1684 IMG_1672Year 4 enjoyed learning about what happened at Easter by going back in time to when Jesus was on earth. They took part in an experience at Gordon Uniting Church where they saw the events first hand, that led to Jesus’ death. They made some beautiful crafts and were given some fun puzzle sheets.

Inaugural Roseville Year 4 Dads’ and Daughters’ Camp

On Saturday 25th October a group of Year 4 dads and their intrepid daughters embarked by barge from Palm Beach to the Basin Campground for the inaugural Roseville year 4 Dads and Daughters camp.
As the barge ramp came down the group stormed ashore – tents, mattresses, water bottles and other supplies necessary for a night under canvas were quickly unloaded and moved to the prepared campsite – Camp Cooke!

The dads quickly assembled the tents, in what can only be described as an expert manner, whilst the daughters helped in the best way they could by getting their swimmers on and going to the lagoon for a swim!

FD camp 1

The dads quickly followed and an ‘ EPIC ‘ water fight then ensued which, at the risk of sounding biased, I think the dads won with the use of guile as well as the occasional use of overwhelming firepower. As the sun shone down, the girls fashioned a spa in the sand and settled down to discussing the issues of the day whilst the Dads retired to the campground to check provisions for the evening BBQ.

FD camp 2

As the girls came back for an afternoon snack, an impromptu game of beach-ball football then ensued between the Dads and Daughters. Your intrepid correspondent can report that it was a hard fought game
with some stand out performances from the girls. By contrast there were some “pythonesque’ performances from the dads’ forward line that saw them demoted to the bench – (you know who you are!!) Safe to say the final result was a win for the good guys (or should I say good girls.)

FD Camp 3

With dinner-time fast approaching, the dads went to the eskies to secure the meat in a way our hunter-gatherer forebears would have been proud. Mums would be pleased to hear something called a ’salad’ was also produced and an outstanding BBQ with all the trimmings was devoured with relish.

FD Camp 4

However, as we tore into steaks, kebabs, burgers and the odd snag, the clouds darkened in expectation of an almighty thunderstorm to test the troops. Fortunately a number of former boy scouts were on hand with the Bureau of Meteorology radar app to confidently declare, we were likely to miss the worst of it.  With this in mind the fire-pit was prepared in a manner befitting the occasion and with an element of good fortune, the worst of the weather passed us by and some of the largest marshmallows ever seen were roasted on open fire by the girls – and some of the dads.

Even with a significant dose of sugar some of the girls were beginning to flag so we decamped back to our Camp Cooke for some more singing, a high stakes game of UNO and a beautiful rendition of American Pie that Don Mclean would of been proud of according to the YouTube reviews!!  (Go on, admit it – you did a search didn’t you!

Whilst the dads were having fun singing, or more realistically forgetting the words to, a number of classic anthems, the girls organised an impromptu pyjama party or two but eventually drifted off to sleep.

FD Camp5


Another beautiful day dawned as Camp Cooke slowly came back to life. A few Wallabies (the real things, not the green and gold variety) were ejected from the cooking tent. A few of the girls went for an early morning swim whilst some of our more sprightly dads were spotted going for a run! Breakfast of Bacon and Egg rolls was quickly prepared with military precision and the day got off to a splendid start!

FD Camp 6

After Breakfast everybody went for another swim and play on the beach whilst negotiations for a walk to see some Aboriginal paintings ensued.

Eventually an expeditionary force was assembled and the aforementioned paintings were viewed after an arduous walk under a baking sun. Unsurprisingly a swim was called for on their return before it was time to pack the tents away, have a sausage sizzle for lunch and get ready for the ferry ride home.

lastThe barge arrived on time and with a wistful glance back to the campsite we waved good bye to our home for the night and settled down for the voyage back to Palm Beach. When we set out to organise this camp, we saw it as an opportunity to spend some quality time with our girls ‘outdoors’, and for the dads to get to know each other better. Mission accomplished!! FD Camp 7

It was great getting to know both the other school dads as well as our daughters’ friends better. By all accounts everybody had loads of fun and we are already looking to repeat the event next year. There have even been calls for the camp to be two nights rather than one, which must be the best indication that a great time was had by dads and girls alike.

FD Camp pics

Mrs F and Mrs G would also like to give a huge vote of thanks to our amazing parents for organising this wonderful opportunity for Dads and girls to have fun whilst getting to know one another better. (Our newer parents in particular would have valued this opportunity.)