Discovering with Chance and Data

The students used their skills of problem solving with this collection of random objects. They devised an aim to find out data about some of these objects. After making a prediction about their findings, they continued to prove their findings with the data they collected. Some of the predictions were accurate, while others found that the data showed different conclusions.

M&Ms Mathematical Inquiry

M and Ms

Given a packet of M&Ms, what questions do we have? What can we learn? How can we show what we know and what we have learned?

Students collaborated in groups. Some of the questions which they asked included:

  • How many M&Ms are there in each of the packets? Can we estimate the total?
  • Does each packet of M&Ms have equal numbers of different colours?
  • How can I show the difference in the colours of the M&Ms using various graphs?
  • What fraction of the total packet of M&Ms, does each colour represent? How can I write this as a decimal and as a percentage?

After recording their questions, students came up with an hypothesis. They then described the method that they used. Finally after having conducted their investigation, they recorded their conclusions.


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