Year 4 camp

A small report to keep you going…

The weather has been marvellous.
Yesterday we enjoyed BMX bike riding, rock climbing and bush survival, we have more of the same today.
We loved our fresh chicken snitzel for dinner.
A good night’s sleep was had by all year 4 students.
Breakfast proved to be a delicious mix of coco-pops, eggs, toast, bacon and tinned spaghetti. Not all was eaten at the same time!
We are learning more about ourselves, many of us have been challenged and learned new things about ourselves as learners and risk-takers.
Most of all, we are all having a really great time.
Ask your daughter to explain the sheep game to you!


Marble Run Challenge

On Friday, year 3 and year 4 gathered together for FIT. We were all set a marble run challenge. We had to make a marble run in which a marble had to run down a board, in six seconds or more. We also had to show 3 acute angles and 4 obtuse angles in our run.

We got into teams and we were given fourteen paddle pop sticks, a marble, some blu tac and a sheet of plywood.

The first attempts at making the marble run failed, we could not make a marble run down the board for over six seconds.


Joanne, Lucinda, Lola