Art: Our Birds

This year in Art we have all enjoyed having a new art teacher, Mrs T. So far we have already done so many artworks for example our name artworks where we wrote our names multiple times on a big piece of paper and painted in between each letter.  Our Sydney Harbour paintings, where we painted our favourite part of Sydney Harbour. We also created an Aztec sun artwork which Isabella and Ursula wrote a blog post on.

Now we are doing a artwork where we drew a bird with shapes of triangles, circles and squares.  Then we connected those shapes into a bird! After that we added details like feathers, leaves and trees so it looked realistic. Soon we will get to paint in the birds and backgrounds. The whole point of this bird artwork is connected to our UOI.  We are drawing them it as if we are in 1888 and we just got here and we want to show the people back in England the flora and fauna of this new exciting land.

This year we have all loved art and we have all been working really hard on our artworks. We can’t wait until we get to start our new art project and to learn more about art and the artworks we are doing!

By: Freya

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