Novel Study Groups

This term we have started novel study groups! So instead of just reading the book we are discovering the book and researching it to find out what the characters and convicts really went through! The books that year 4 are reading are Surviving Sydney Cove, Meet Grace And a Penny to Remember. So far I have really loved Novel Study Groups and the book I am reading. I am reading Surviving Sydney Cove. It is about a young girl named Elizabeth Harvey (she was a real convict) who was sent to Sydney when her parents died but her brother was too young to be sent so he’s still in England.  This book is basically her diary which she will soon send to her brother! Year 4 are very grateful for all the mothers who are taking out part of their busy days to come and help us with our reading! We also want to say thank you to all teachers who helped organise all the novel study groups!

By Freya

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