Friday Inquiry Science

Last Friday in our FIT inquiry time all of year 3 and 4 took part in a series of skateboard experiments, so that we could learn more about forces. Firstly, we talked about why things with wheels move better on flat grounds.. Did you know, it’s because gravity pushes things down not up, so the wheels dig into uneven ground. If gravity pushed things up, we would be in space! We then had a race when one girl pulled one side of a rope and the other held the other side of the rope while riding on the skateboard.

Then another girl pushed  someone back and then it happened all over again until every girl had a turn at pulling or pushing and a turn on a skateboard. After that and just for fun we had a game of tug of war!

On the last round we switched teams.In the end, it was really good for some people and bad for others because some girls won and some girls lost. 

We all learned more about the forces of pushing and pulling and gravity.

Joanne and Lilly




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