Discovering with Chance and Data

The students used their skills of problem solving with this collection of random objects. They devised an aim to find out data about some of these objects. After making a prediction about their findings, they continued to prove their findings with the data they collected. Some of the predictions were accurate, while others found that the data showed different conclusions.

Easter Experience

I thought the Easter Experience was an exciting and involving way to learn about the story of Easter. We arrived at Gordon Uniting Church happy and fresh as a daisy. A lady called Nicola took us through the time tunnel to the market place of Jerusalem. Nicola led us through a curtain into a courtyard, which was decorated like a marketplace from biblical times. Then someone handed me a coin, which Nicola said was a “shekel”. Then Nicola told me to give it to the “blind beggar” who was an old man sitting on a pile of bricks. Then they split us into groups and I was in the yellow group so they asked me to sit down and make a bracelet. The beads on the bracelet were blue, black, red, green, and yellow. Then they moved us to the next station, which was doing a Mexican cross. The teacher asked us to not turn the cross over, because then it would mess it all up. While we were making it, I heard a bell ring, and the teacher said, “ Time to go into the story of Easter girls! Have fun!” We went into another hallway that was darker then the other one and Nicola showed us into a small room where there was a short table with pillows sitting around it. A lady said ‘Welcome children to the last supper that Jesus ate with his friends’. After that they brought us into the Garden of Gethsemane. We saw Jesus arrested and taken into the court room. The high priest didn’t know what to do with Him, so he referred Jesus to the governor. The governor was afraid of the crowds so he said that Jesus could be crucified. We watched a video showing what had happened. After the video two ladies came and asked us to look in the tomb. But Jesus wasn’t there. Suddenly he appeared from a distance and told us he was alive. Following that we had a party to celebrate. It actually let me experience what it really would have been like back then. by Chloe


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