Year 4 Camp at Galston Gorge

This year, Years 3 and 4 went to Galston Gorge for camp. Year 4 did rock climbing, low ropes, bush survival and BMX. Our favourite activity was BMX because you were able to go over hills and sharp turns. We enjoyed the food and loved sleeping in comfy cabins. The Galston Gorge camp relied on teamwork and friendship. It was an exciting opportunity to be able to go on camp. 

Ashley and Jessica


Year 4 at Galston Gorge on PhotoPeach

The Little Mermaid

Year 4 took part in the school musical called ‘The Little Mermaid’. We learned a song in French called ‘Les Poissons’. We enjoyed dancing and singing and performing for the audience. There was a great deal of practising but all the performances were hugely successful.