Hyde Park Barrack and Sydney Tower

Both Year 4 classes took a trip to the city to learn more about the colonisation of Sydney. At the Hyde Park Barracks we saw how difficult life was for the male prisoners. We learned how to make bricks and how to stack them in a brick wall. There were many interesting artefacts to see in the museum. After eating lunch in Hyde Park we went to Sydney Tower. The view from the top was amazing and we could see where the first fleet had landed and how Sydney had changed so much. We had a great time.

Year 4 Invasion

On Monday morning while we working the doors suddenly flew open and in streamed students from Year 6 who obviously decided that their classroom was not where they wanted to be. They moved us from our desks, took over our lockers, used our equipment and were particularly rowdy. Our reactions were extreme annoyance, anger, disbelief and astonishment. They finally left and we had to put back the pieces. We discussed our reactions in detail and shared our feelings. We started think about the way the Aboriginals must have felt when they were invaded by the British. IMG_1709 IMG_1724 IMG_1718 IMG_1712