Science Show

Year 3 and Year 4 became detectives at our Science Show. We had a murder mystery to investigate. We looked at the evidence and followed the clues. We checked the suspect’s DNA, then found some coins which we rubbed to discover the way the coin appeared. Other clues included using knowledge about the victim’s initials and year of birth. One of the exciting parts was making a set of our fingerprints. At the end, we used our information to solve the mystery. It was such fun to feel like a real detective.

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Learning about Perimeter

We had some fun making a picture of a person or a robot with tiles. Then we drew the picture on to grid paper. Finally we worked out the perimeter, that means the distance around the outside. Some of us made designs that were very tricky to work out.

The Easter Experience

IMG_1656 IMG_1684 IMG_1672Year 4 enjoyed learning about what happened at Easter by going back in time to when Jesus was on earth. They took part in an experience at Gordon Uniting Church where they saw the events first hand, that led to Jesus’ death. They made some beautiful crafts and were given some fun puzzle sheets.