Year 4 Excursion

Year 4 students enjoyed a wonderful day visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, followed by a visit to IMAX, where we watched ‘Forces of Nature.’

Many of the students had never visited the Museum of Contemporary Art before, but after today’s enjoyable visit, have vowed to return.
In addition to viewing some amazing paintings and pieces of artwork, students created a piece of artwork of their own.

Students viewed the design of Jim Lambie, a contemporary visual artist from Glasgow Scotland, who specialises in colourful sculptural installations made from everyday modern materials. He designed a brightly coloured floor space using vinyl tape arranged into patterns around the floor. The colourful lines of vinyl tape traced the shape of the room to reveal interesting aspects of the room’s architecture. We used this colourful floor space to collaboratively create our own artworks!

After visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, we headed off to IMAX. We were very blessed to have the opportunity of enjoying some ‘free play’ time on the playground equipment near IMAX.
43 very excited students and their teachers and parent helpers then returned to IMAX, where we watched breathtaking footage on volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes.

We returned to school having had a wonderful day filled with new experiences and wonderful learning opportunities.

Colourful Emotions Poetry

Year 4 have enjoyed exploring the use of imagery such as similes, metaphors and personification. We have learned to use descriptive language effectively in order to ‘paint’ vivid verbal images.
When composing our ‘Colourful Emotions’ poems, we linked emotions with colours, to produce some amazing poetry which we are sure you will enjoy reading!