A message from our scientist Dr Van Sebille

Off to Antarctica!!

In less then a week I’ll be going to Antarctica. I’m super-excited about it. I feel a bit like an astronaut, getting ready for an amazing mission. Except I’m not going to space, but to the coldest and loneliest place on earth.

I am very curious to find out what I will see on the ice in Antarctica. Most of all, I hope to see penguins and leopard seals.

I will be going on a big ship across the ocean, from New Zealand south for 2000 km. It will be just me and the rest of the crew, and nobody else for hundreds of kilometres.

Well, there will be somebody elseā€¦ I packed Rosie Bear too! Rosie is already down in New Zealand, ready to join me on the ship. Rosie is going on the same adventure as I am. And because Rosie is going, it feels like I’m taking all of the girls from Roseville College down with me.

I’ll make photo’s of Rosie and me on the ice. And then, when I come back to Australia after the summer, I’ll tell about our adventures in class. I look forward to that!