Interview with my Year 4 Self


Each student in Year 4 has reflected on their learning in 2013 by conducting an interview with ‘their Year 4 self’ – an interview which in later years, may be fun to revisit!

In Year 4, we know that reflecting is a valuable process which deepens our learning. It enables us to apply past knowledge to new situations and identify areas for improvement and growth. We can get to know ourselves better.

In summary, reflecting on our learning can help us to:

  • better understand our strengths and weaknesses
  • celebrate areas in which we have achieved
  • identify and question which approaches to learning worked best for us
  • challenge our ideas, feelings and actions
  • acknowledge areas of concern in which we feel that we still lack understanding
  • recognise areas in which we could improve

Our interview questions have helped us to reflect on:

  • our friendships
  • our general learning goals and how well we have achieved them
  • Inquiry units which we have particularly enjoyed during the year and why.
  • Maths investigations we have most enjoyed
  • English learning experiences which we have most enjoyed
  • excursion / incursions which we have found enjoyable and beneficial

We will soon be sharing some students’ interviews with you.



Surf Education Day – What Fun!


Students set off excitedly to enjoy Surf Education Day. We all felt so blessed that the weather was perfect!

Our expert instructors reminded us about all the skills and knowledge that we had gained during our P.E. lessons.

We had the opportunity to practise our paddling skills on our surf boards and gain confidence at Shelly Beach. We then moved around to Manly Beach where we worked one to one, with our instructors. It was great fun to challenge ourselves in this safe environment and we appreciated the support and encouragement that we received from our teachers and friends!





M&Ms Mathematical Inquiry

M and Ms

Given a packet of M&Ms, what questions do we have? What can we learn? How can we show what we know and what we have learned?

Students collaborated in groups. Some of the questions which they asked included:

  • How many M&Ms are there in each of the packets? Can we estimate the total?
  • Does each packet of M&Ms have equal numbers of different colours?
  • How can I show the difference in the colours of the M&Ms using various graphs?
  • What fraction of the total packet of M&Ms, does each colour represent? How can I write this as a decimal and as a percentage?

After recording their questions, students came up with an hypothesis. They then described the method that they used. Finally after having conducted their investigation, they recorded their conclusions.


2Pics B 2Graphs together


“Australians…..but who are we?”

This question has caused each of us to wonder about many things and to ask some interesting questions relating to our identity.

Our questions made us think about how different cultural groups within Australia have been able to keep and pass on their history, culture, traditions and beliefs.

To integrate with our inquiry, during our shared reading time, one of the books that we read together was a book by Patricia Polacco, called, ‘The Keeping Quilt’.

It tells the story of a Jewish Russian family who emigrated to a new country. To help Anna, the daughter, to remember their culture, people and traditions which they left behind in Russia, Anna’s mother made Anna a quilt

The Keeping Quilt was passed along from mother to daughter for almost a century and became a symbol of Anna’s family’s enduring love and faith.

In Year 4, we decided to create our own class ‘Keeping Quilt’.

Each one of us created our own square with symbols, pictures and colours which tell about our unique backgrounds and which show how special each of us is.

We noticed that when we put our squares together, our quilt became so much more colourful and beautiful.

We also bore in mind that our focus this term as a school is that ‘Together, we are stronger’ and ‘Together, as a TEAM, everyone achieves more’, so we have used these mottos to bind our Keeping Quilt together.

4F quilt with students4F quilt only