Our Scientist and Rosie

On his last visit to our school we gave Dr Van Sebille a mascot to take with him and to help him with his work. Rosie the Bear is going to keep an eye on Dr Sebille and they will report to us from all over the world. She is sitting at his desk at the University of NSW to make sure he concentrates on his work. Where will they go next?


Rubber Duckies

Dr Van Sebille told us about the 29 000 rubber ducks that accidentally fell into the ocean when the container fell over. Only 250 were found on shore. Many washed up in countries far away. We wondered why they kept moving around in the Great Ocean Garbage Patch. As scientists we decided to make our own experiment to look at the way plastic moved in the ocean. Each student had a rubber duck which was placed in the school swimming pool. Different hypotheses were made about the directions the ducks would go. We checked the experiment regularly and recorded the data. Some girls braved the cold to swim and create deep ocean currents.

Meet our Scientist

We have become partners with a scientist from the CSIRO Scientists in Schools program. His name is Dr Erik Van Sebille and he is an oceanographer. We were fascinated to learn about the way ocean currents moved. He explained that plastic rubbish that ends up in the ocean does not get swept back onto shore but is carried around in the ocean in a great garbage patch. We started to wonder why that might happen. The best question a scientist can ask is ‘Why?’ On his website Dr Van Sebille shows how rubbish moves when it ends up in the ocean. Have a look at adrift.org.au. Why are we looking at rubber duckies?


Father Daughter Breakfast

On Tuesday we had a Father Daughter breakfast at school. We all loved getting to school early and having breakfast with our dads. At the beginning we made butterfly wings with our dads, using both our hands to symbolise that we are together. For breakfast we enjoyed fresh fruit, yoghurt, croissants, quiche and muffins. The dads then played some games and made us laugh. After breakfast the fathers came to have a look around our classrooms. It was really fun.
By Mia and Amber

Father Daughter Breakfast on PhotoPeach