Learning About our Environment

This week we joined Year 3 and packed onto the buses to go to Gibberagong Environmental Education Centre. Although it was foggy and damp, the rain held off and we were able to enjoy of discovery. We began the day by learning about the important part that National Parks play in preserving our environment. It is important to take memories (and photos) and leave only footprints. Wandering along bush tracks, our leaders pointed out native species of plants. During the excursion we learned about food chains and the important role that each creature plays. In the leaf litter we collected mini beasts and tried to classify them using the cards provided. Everyone enjoyed watching the crabs in the mangroves. It was a wonderful day which was of great benefit to everyone.

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Unit of Inquiry

Year 4 has been asking questions to find out about our Inquiry Unit. We have looked at the display and talked about different things we would like to know more about. These are some of the things that we wonder.


I wonder how birds make nests….
I wonder if animals and humans could become extinct…..
I wonder how animals cope with their environment…..
I wonder why some birds can’t fly……
I wonder if every animal has a predator…
I wonder what will happen if people keep cutting down trees….

There are some very curious girls in Year 4 and it will be exciting to spend time researching the questions in which we are interested.

I wonder what we will find out………..


A Powerful Habit of Mind – PERSISTING


By Olivia C

What is it?
Persisting keeps you going in life. Persisting means never giving up when the going gets tough. Persisting is about completing or carrying out a duty to the end without leaving it neglected. Persisting is about developing good self-discipline.

Examples of being persistent:
1. Mum says, “You must persist with your homework!” I say, “I have no idea what WTW – VW equals, all the same I will keep persisting… and hey presto, I work it out!”
2. “It’s true. Yes, I am about to fall off a cliff, but I’ll hang on anyway!” (This may just be common sense.)

Helpful hints:
Persisting is a very important characteristic, especially when you are in a group or team activity. Maybe you are involved in the school hockey team or even club netball. Imagine this:

Angela is in the middle of a netball game. She sees the opponent snatch the ball from one of her teammates; but she is in dreamland, dreaming that she has grabbed the ball back and shot a goal! Just standing there and dreaming is not going to change the game any time soon!
Something big and round slams against the side of Angela’s cheek… the ball. It hurts… Angela says to the umpire, “I am sorry sir, but I can hardly talk let alone play the rest of the game!” So he lets her off. Angela’s teammates need her but she is now thinking of herself again! Without their whole team, the Snipers cannot play, so, from up in the stands, Angela watches her team lose.

Do you now see why persisting is so important? Winning is not everything either… but letting your team down because you can’t be bothered to persist is not the answer. When people are depending on you, even if it may hurt, you can’t give up. Persisting is about doing what you need to do no matter what, until you get there… so you don’t let people down and so you don’t let yourself down! Persisting with diligence and determination also determines if you are a worthy team member, a good friend, or just a reliable loyal person.

Persistence helps others identify whether they can trust and depend on you when they need you most. Whether you are in a team or a friendship or in some other kind of activity, persistence is important and everyone needs to have it.