Maths Investigation – How tall was that Giant?

This morning, some girls and Mrs F were wandering into the classroom when they came across a gigantic footprint!  We were all horrified and scared. None of us could think straight, worrying and worrying about the whereabouts (and size) of the owner of it. So Mrs F suggested we figure out just how tall the owner of the footprint had been.


We all thought that he simply must be the size of Goliath! Goliath was an unbelievably tall soldier in the Bible but David managed to fling a pebble right in the middle of his forehead. Goliath was about 3-4 metres tall. The giant surely had to be that tall?

Method: Group 1

First of all, we split into two groups as we had decided to investigate in two different ways. The first group firstly measured each other’s feet. Following that, we measured our heights and worked out how many times the measured length of our feet fitted into our heights. The average was 6 (6.3 times, 6.4 times, and 6.2 times). Soon after that, we measured the length of the footprint, 39cm and multiplied 6.3 x 39 on the calculator since there were 3 different decimals on our numbers (6.3, 6.4 and 6.2.) The answer we came up with was that the giant had been 245.7m.

Method: Group 2

Mrs F gave us all about 5 pieces of big pieces of paper. We all stuck together 4-6 pieces with glue and got a person to lie down on the 4-6 sheets of paper. Then someone would trace around the person. Next we measured the body from head to toes. We then traced the outline of the person’s foot and cut this out. We placed the paper feet one by one inside the body and counted how many times they would all fit inside the person’s body. We did this twice with two different people. Both children had 7 ½ feet fit into their bodies. Next we measured the giant’s foot and multiplied it by seven (7.5 x 39). We came up with an answer of 282.7.


In conclusion we had a great time (and did not worry about the giant for the rest of the day.) We figured out that the giant was about 2.5-3 metres tall. We loved working together as a team to achieve the best we could.

By Olivia and Gemma

Enjoy the Toondoos that we created to represent our engaging Maths Investigation.


Flying paper aeroplanes during Mathematics?

One of our measurement tasks in Maths was to create some paper aeroplanes. The purpose of this activity was to make and fly different sorts of paper aeroplanes and then measure the distance which these paper aeroplanes flew.

We all got to make two paper planes of different sorts. We then tested each plane and then took the one that flew the furthest down to see whose aeroplane flew the furthest out of the whole class.

The type of plane that flew the furthest was the “Arrow”, created by Sachi which flew 11.34m. The second furthest was created by April which was 10.83m and the third was created by Ashleigh whose flew 10.55m.

In between having fun, we practised recording our measurements in metres, using the decimal point.

By Sarah, Ella and Georgia

Paper Planes