A Very Special Breakfast

On the morning of the 5th September, students enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with an important person in their lives. Girls brought along either their dads, brothers, grandfathers, godfathers or a family friend with whom they were able to share a wonderful breakfast at school.

We have been learning about the Olympic Games and enjoyed conducting research on an Olympian and/or a Paralympian of this year’s Olympic Games.  These courageous people all paid tribute to their families for helping and supporting them to achieve their dreams. This research has raised our awareness of the important role that our family, extended family and friends play in our lives. We are so grateful for the love and support of our wonderful families.

Maths Day

We enjoyed many activities during Literacy and Numeracy week. Two of the teachers organised some extraordinary maths activities for the whole school to take part in. We worked in our peer support groups and shared our knowledge with the younger students. The whole school was buzzing and we learned so much.

Year 4 Camp at Vision Valley

Year 4 had a wonderful time at Vision Valley. The weather was fine and sunny so we were able to enjoy the great outdoors. Our Crusader leaders worked hard and were full of energy and enthusiasm. There were two visitors at camp that we were not happy to see – a red bellied black snake and a diamond python. They were not invited to join in with any activities. Have a look at the adventures we had and the new skills we learned.
Year 4 Camp on PhotoPeach