Creating Picasso Constructions

Year 4 has been learning about Picasso. We have enjoyed a visit to the Picasso Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. ┬áThe girls have enjoyed researching Picasso’s life and learning about his techniques and styles. We looked at a picture of his 3D model of a violin. This inspired us to make our own 3D sculptures.

We love reading

We all enjoy reading in Year 4. We would like to share our reading corner with you. This displays an interesting selection of books we can choose to read. Students can share a review about a book they have enjoyed reading and encourage others in the class to read it as well.

Welcome to a new year

We have begun a very exciting and stimulating year at school. Our first two weeks have been spent with a variety of activities which have allowed the teachers to get to know their students and the students to get to know one another. We have made some very attractive cubes which contain information about the students’ families, friends and interests. The girls have also begun to show their creative talents by designing bright and colourful names to display in the classroom.

The teachers and students have worked together to discuss expectations of one another during the year. These are displayed in the classroom as a reminder for the time ahead. Together we read and signed a class manifesto. This expressed our desire to work as a community of learners, interested in each other, respecting each other and treating one another thoughtfully.

Each classroom is an environment where learners are encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for their learning. Good questions are regarded as important as good answers.

We look forward to the year ahead which we believe will be a wonderful year of laughing and learning.